Meet Karim Atiyeh – The Lebanese Behind This $8 Billion Start-Up

Karim Atiyeh, co-founder and CTO of Ramp, spearheads the development of cutting-edge financial solutions.

His expertise lies in crafting innovative tools, spanning corporate cards, expense management, bill payments, and accounting integrations, aimed at streamlining operations and boosting savings for businesses.

Prior to Ramp, Karim successfully established Paribus, a price-tracking application backed by Y Combinator, empowering consumers to economize on their online purchases. In 2016, he orchestrated the sale of Paribus to Capital One.

Hailing from Lebanon, Karim is an accomplished entrepreneur with a BA in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an MS in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Founded in 2019, Ramp is the fastest-growing management platform and corporate card, as it provides all businesses with the necessary tools to thrive.

As CTO, Karim directs his efforts into the next finance tools that are designed to help and save time and money for businesses.

This has positioned the company’s valuation at over $8 billion as of March 2022, marking a substantial achievement considering Ramp was only nearing its three-year milestone at that time.

Karim Atiyeh

Before Paribus, Karim engaged in a lot of technical domains, including natural language processing, advanced hardware design, and machine learning.

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