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Learn the spoken Lebanese Arabic dialect that will allow you to communicate easily with all Arabs… even if you've never spoken a word in Arabic before!

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a uniquely powerful approach to learning spoken arabic, fast!

If you ever wanted to learn spoken Arabic to discover beautiful Lebanon or just communicate with the closest people around you who are from an Arabic background, then read on!

Nothing is worse than that feeling when you try to communicate in Arabic with other Arabs and they start looking at you with confusion like you just insulted their culture. 

Ever wondered why this happens? It's because all resources out there only teach the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA), which is mostly used for media purposes and never for local communication.

That is the biggest underlying problem that I see many students who want to learn Arabic are having - specially when they try to communicate.

Fixing your spoken Arabic will make your life easier and save you a lot of frustration in the Arab world.

It's easier to avoid that pitfall once you know about it rather than pulling out from it after you've wasted time and money on learning the wrong communication language.

You see.. not many Arabic teachers take these things into consideration. They don't ask the purpose of why you want to learn Arabic - not everyone wants to become a journalist. In fact, the majority just want to freely communicate. Yet, almost every source out there doesn’t seem to care about the needs of the student.

Fortunately, after years of research and countless case studies of teaching spoken Arabic to my students (specifically Lebanese Arabic), I can confidently say that there's finally a new proven way to start learning Arabic the way it should've been taught from the very beginning..

Introducing: lebanese arabic ACCELERATOR

This course doesn't just dive into the grammar of the Lebanese Arabic Language. The combination of all the modules that go into the basics, getting socially comfortable in conversation skills, reading and writing exercises, tests and best-selling books, you will be unstoppable!

By the end of this course, you will learn not only the basics of the Lebanese/Levantine Dialect, but also learn the internet language on how Arabs communicate on social media, focus more on the Levantine/Middle Eastern dialect than Fusha and along with the bonuses and features take you to expert levels!

I even write Arabic in Latin letters as well so that you understand how to pronounce them correctly.  Finally, a course that IS NOT about Fusha which is the traditional Arabic but the Spoken Lebanese Arabic Language. 

What you need to do to master any language in the world is to practice it. That's why, we implemented a unique point in the course that no other course on the market has been able to implement.


Now is your time to finally kickstart your Lebanese Arabic journey!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll Today

As soon as you enroll, you will immediately have full access to the Lebanese Arabic Accelerator course. Since the course is digital, this means you can learn at your own pace and re-watch any modules you like. By the end of the course, you should have a proficient understanding and be able to communicate freely with Arabs.

Lifetime Access to The Course ($1,250 value)

You will have access to more than 50 detailed lectures of valuable video content, exercises, tests, etc.. 

Watch the lessons in the members area using any device connected to the internet. Access years of experience in one place. Available on any device.

Not to mention I'm constantly adding new material, which will be automatically added for you free of charge.

Weekly Live Interactive Conversational Sessions ($1,000 value)

Every week, we'll be having live conversational sessions with our handpicked Lebanese native speakers where the tutors send out a topic every week to discuss it in Lebanese Arabic, doing one-on-one practice sessions, and much more. With one focus in mind: perfecting your Lebanese Arabic skills.

You enjoy LIFETIME participation to the weekly sessions when you enroll today!

P.S. You will have access to all the recorded sessions, so you can come back them whenever you want!

Free Copy of My Best-Selling Books on Amazon ($50 value)

Lebanese 101: The Easy Way to Learn Lebanese Arabic: The Ultimate Guide to Become a Lebanese is an all-time student favorite book. By the end of this book you will learn the basics of the Lebanese/Levantine Dialect, learn the internet language on how Arabs communicate on social media and focus more on the Levantine/Middle Eastern dialect than Fusha.

Lebanese Grammar: The Ultimate Guide to Become a Lebanese in the Past, Present and Future. In this book we focus more on the grammar and on the right tenses for you to use. At the end of the book you will find all the verb conjugations you need in order for you to master your Lebanese Arabic skills.

Your copies for free if you join before the deadline!

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Enough of me telling you how this course will revolutionize and short-cut your Arabic learning curve. I have well over 1,500 students who went through my classes already and I'll let them tell you their experience after completing my course(s).

Mario Gonzalez


Highly recommend to take his lessons!

Ali is an outstanding teacher. He explains with clearness every detail of grammar topics and how the linguistic use operates. I highly recommend to take his lessons in every format he offers!

Anastasia Cherkasova


One of the best and most effective courses!

It is one of the best and most effective courses in Lebanese Arabic I managed to find after trying hundreds of sources! Mumtaaz!

Emile Karam


Fantastic starter course!

Well done Ali ! This was fantastic starter course and it contains a tremendous amount of detail and effort. I think anyone looking to learn Arabic should start here with Ali. Also checkout his YouTube videos they are very entertaining, informative, and all around enjoyable to watch. Keep up the great work.

Lydia Nants


Fantastic starter course!

This course delivers in a way I can understand the structure of the Arabic language, how to put sentences together, and remember the words. It’s also very helpful learning the Lebanese dialect as other dialects understand it. I started off learning fusha but when communicating with Arabic speaking people, it was not helpful at all, I couldn’t understand their response and they didn’t entirely understand me either. Very satisfied with Ali and the results I’ve gotten from this course!

Jamie Holliday


Very happy with my purchase!

I really like the order the words are taught and how well they are explained and pronounced. I like the use of the white board. The words are pronounced very clearly and slowly so it is easy to learn. And he breaks down each word and points to that part of the word while pronouncing it. I am very happy with my purchase.

Funda Ulufer

High School Teacher

He is on point and fun to watch!

Great course content! The tutor's teaching skill is amazing, he explains the subject very well, he is on point and fun to watch. I'm glad I made the right choice by picking this specific course. If you're interested in learning Lebanese Arabic, in my opinion this course is the best one available out there.

A SNEAK PEAK INTO the course

In this course I've structured the modules in a way for you to learn the quickest.

I will list my favorite 4 modules out of many that come with the purchase of the full course, followed by the full curriculum.


Module 1: The Roadmap To The Basics.

In this first module, you will learn the basics of the Lebanese Arabic. You will also acquire the knowledge how to form sentences with the right subject pronouns, possessive pronouns and every day use of the language. You will learn things like time-telling, days/months, colors, human body, etc..


Module 2: The Overnight Arabic Grammar Expert.

In this exciting module, you will learn how to talk in different verb forms: past, present and future. Moreover, you will get to differentiate between who is doing the action and in what verb forms it should be. This is a very important stepping stone in learning the Lebanese Arabic correctly right from the get go. By the end of it, you will understand verb conjugations, compound tenses, different tenses and principles.


Module 3: Reading Masterclass.

In this module, I will provide you with texts to read with me and some to read alone. After reading those texts, you can then test your knowledge and see how much you've understood. This one is practical and packed with beneficial exercises to develop your skills in reading Arabic and potentially start writing too.


Module 4: Dialogues Mastery.

In this module, you'll get to know how Arabs talk to each other. The lectures come once with a transcript and once without to help you test yourself and learn faster. I've included some basic stuff like going out, asking for directions, shopping, food, etc.. This will prepare you to start understanding how Arabs actually communicate among each other and how you can tap into that as well.

The Full Curriculum:

Module 1: The Roadmap to the Basics

Lecture 1: The Arabic Letters in Latin Alphabets (11:52)
Lecture 2: Greetings (9:44)
Lecture 3: Definite and Indefinite Article (5:24)
Lecture 4: Subject Pronouns and Nouns (17:27)
Lecture 5: Professions (12:49)
Lecture 6: Possessive Pronouns in General (7:37)
Lecture 6 Part 2: Possessive Pronouns Feminine (6:17)
Lecture 7: Time-Telling (7:52)
Lecture 8: Colors (7:45)
Lecture 9: The Human Body (5:44)
Lecture 10: Days of the Week (6:00)
Lecture 11: Months of the Year (3:31)
Extra Lecture: Relatives (9:40)

Module 2: The Overnight Arabic Grammar Expert

Lecture 1: Present, Present Continuous and Future (16:12)
Lecture 2: Relative Adjective, Negation and Command (7:30)
Lecture 3: The Past Perfect Tense (5:08)
Lecture 4: The Imperfect Tense (6:31)
Lecture 5: The Bi-Imperfect Tense (4:33)
Lecture 6: The Active Participle (6:49)
85+ Verb Conjugations (PDF)

Module 3: The Intermediate Arabic Masterclass

Module Introduction (1:47)
Lecture 1: Countries and Nationalities (9:18)
Lecture 2: Hobbies (7:02)
Lecture 3: The Weather (7:57)
Lecture 4: The First - The Tenth (3:33)
Lecture 5: The Solar System (9:13)
Lecture 6: The Horoscopes (9:45)
Lecture 7: Adjectives & Adverbs (1:43)
Lecture 8: Politics (15:45)
Lecture 9: The Media (9:06)
Lecture 10: The Economy (6:26)

Module 4: Social Arabic

How to Express your Feelings in Arabic (8:19)
Groceries: Basics (4:39)
Vegetables (6:38)
Fruits (3:39)
Drinks (1:59)
Water and Beer (4:09)
Actions (4:52)
Directions and Mornings (6:01)

Module 5: On-Demand Lectures

Propositions (7:00)
Would/Should/Could (6:39)
Haircuts & Beards (8:45)

Module 6: Arabic Connection Tools

Vocabularies to Work With (1:39)
Table 1 Basics: Pronunciations And Memorization (2:31)
Table 2 Problems: Pronunciations And Memorization (2:45)
Table 3 Directions: Pronunciations And Memorization (1:27)
Table 4 Food: Pronunciations And Memorization (1:38)
Table 5 Shopping: Pronunciations And Memorization (2:39)
How to Memorize Vocabulary (0:56)

Module 7: Dialogues Mastery

Dialogue 1 Going Out (Without Translation) (0:44)
Dialogue 1 Going Out (With Translation) (0:44)
Dialogue 2 Directions (Without Translation) (0:57)
Dialogue 2 Directions (With Translation) (0:57)
Dialogue 3 Shopping (Without Translation) (0:41)
Dialogue 3 Shopping (With Translation) (0:40)
Dialogue 4 Food (Without Translation) (0:52)
Dialogue 4 Food (With Translation) (0:52)

Module 8: Reading Masterclass

Reading: What is this section about (0:44)
Reading 1: Introducing Laila's Family (1:42)
Reading 2: Family Tree (1:53)
Reading 3: More Details (1:53)

Module 9: Arabic Writing

Dictations to Come (0:42)
Dictation 1: Self-introduction (2:44)
Dictation 2: Hamra Street Real-Life Situation (4:21)
Dictation 3: What to Eat (4:46)
Dictation 4: Family Tree (4:40)

Module 10: Secret Arabic Mindsets

How to Improve Pronunciation WITHOUT a Tutor (4:25)
Mistakes to Avoid While Learning Lebanese Arabic (5:14)
Tips on Learning Lebanese Arabic Fast (6:20)

Module 11: Lebanese Arabic Cheat Sheets

Lebanese Arabic Basics Cheat Sheet (PDF)
Lebanese Arabic Vocabulary Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Weekly Live Conversational Sessions Vault (Updated Weekly)

Lebanese Tourism: Travelling and Special Places (51:40)
Getting to Know Each Other (41:16)
Why People are Interested in Learning Lebanese (48:39)
Are Superstitions Real? (62:22)
Lebanese Cuisine and Culture (79:05)
How do Lebanese Greet Each Other (80:25)
Lebanese... Just Lebanese (51:50)
Origin of the Lebanese Cuisine (73:07)
Lebanese Family and Household (62:55)
Travelling and Discovering other Cultures (66:04)
How to Introduce Yourself in Lebanese Arabic (47:02)
Habits in Lebanese Arabic (66:11)
Lebanese Culture and Traditions (50:04)
Lebanese Arabic Nouns, Sentences and Translations (65:33)
More On Lebanese Culture and Traditions (46:56)
How to Describe Things in the Lebanese Dialect (65:28)
Lebanese Cuisine Part 1 (65:23)
Lebanese Cuisine Part 2 (69:27)
Lebanese Food and Cuisine (63:20)
In-Depth Material (134:28)
Translating to Lebanese Arabic (42:54)
Lebanese Cuisine Part 3 (70:36)
Haircuts in Lebanese Arabic (73:42)
The Lebanese Slang Form (37:57)
Lebanese Cuisine Part 4 (62:49)
Lebanese Cinema (28:49)
Lebanese Home Tools (62:14)
Expressing Self and Opinion (65:10)
Lebanese Home Tools Part 2 (58:17)
Lebanese Translations and Beirut Explosion (61:20)
Expressing Thyself (87:34)
What to Say After a Catastrophe - Beirut Explosion - (52:55)
Puppies, Kittens and other Cute Things (37:09)
Timelines (57:43)
General Information (34:38)
Numbers and Much More (82:43)
Simple Conversational Arabic (53:20)
More Numbers and Daily Expressions (75:35)
More on Lebanese Cooking Expressions (54:16)


Worldwide Series Audio-books + Transcripts

Game of Thrones (12:09)
Breaking Bad (Audio)
The Walking Dead (Audio)
Tiger King (Audio)


Short Novels Narrations + Transcripts

Carnival! - Annette Kean
Girl Meets Boy (Pearson PLC)
Newspaper Chase - John Escott

General Self-Assessment Tests

This section consists of 15 different self-assessment tests to test your knowledge.


My Best-Selling Arabic Books

Lebanese 101: The Ultimate Guide to Become a Lebanese.
Lebanese Arabic Conjugation Tables and Grammar.



Now it’s time for your Bonuses!

In addition to the full lifetime course access, weekly live interactive videos calls and free copies of my best-selling books, you will unlock these bonuses upon purchase of this limited special offer of my Lebanese Arabic Accelerator course.

Bonus 1
FREE Access to my new course: "Lebanese Tourism and Culture Mastery"

This one bonus alone pays for the whole Lebanese Arabic Accelerator course if you utilize it to your benefit.

Like I said, I'm going to provide you with EVERYTHING you absolutely need to learn Lebanese Arabic.

"But Ali, what if I want to visit Lebanon one day? What beaches to go to? What places should I avoid? How to spend my budget smartly?"

Say no more, because I already thought about everything for you. I will provide you with the most important secrets from a local on how to save thousands of dollars on groceries, where to obtain a secure transportation, what beaches you should most definitely avoid and much more!

Get to know the culture, get to behave like a local, without leaving your home country.

Click here for full course curriculum.

If you enroll before the deadline, I will throw in this course as a gift.

Bonus 2
On-Demand Q&A Sessions with 24/7 Chat Support

Each student that enrolls into my course before the deadline, will be able to demand a Q&A session with me personally during my office hours where I will be answering all of your questions to give you the push you need in your Lebanese Arabic Journey.

In addition, if you want to know the meaning of a word in the middle of the night outside the office hours, you can write us at our 24/7 customer service through WhatsApp. Someone from my team (or me personally if I'm awake) will gladly answer it for you.

Once you enroll, you will have access to our exclusive WhatsApp number, which is a convenient line of communication to be used whenever you feel you're stuck.

Bonus 3
Arabic Cheat Sheet

I will provide you a one-page cheat sheet that will summarize the whole course. You can use it to refresh your memory on certain things you've learned and pull it out whenever you forget something important from the course. Of course, as the course is updated and new material is added, so is the cheat sheet.

About The Course Teacher,
Ali Matar

My name is Ali Matar and I am an entrepreneur/teacher from Lebanon. I've started my YouTube journey few years back that currently has 44k+ subscribers and at least 4 million views. It was the best decision I made in my life, because it led me to find my passion in what I want to do in life: bring value and happiness to people. 

As the journey continued, I got bombarded with e-mails and DM's from people asking me to help them learn Lebanese Arabic. Since I was already passionate about it, it became my life mission and my aim to teach people how to speak Arabic like local Arabs and not just read and/or learn ''Fusha'' which is not a spoken language. And that's where our real story began.

Now I do this full-time and I love helping my students perfect the Lebanese Arabic language.

this course is your best bet on learning lebanese arabic the quick practical way

The beauty about this course is that you can study it from any device at your own pace whenever you have time and it's guaranteed to get you results (if you're consistent enough of course).

In comparison, if you travel to Lebanon or any Arab country to learn the Lebanese Arabic, it will cost you at least $10,000: from the overall tuition fees, flights, hotels and high cost of living, etc.. But worst of all, it will cost you your time!

Not to mention, the equivalent material of what this course teaches you in a university is on average $5,000-$6000. Or think about how much other Arabic tutors charge per an hour of private coaching (in the course it's included as a free bonus with your purchase).

I could easily charge a solid $1000 for this course, but I definitely won't do that. I want to make it accessible for anyone to be able to learn Lebanese Arabic and begin using it as soon as possible within the next 30 days.

This is why I've decided to make this one-time early bird offer and give you my complete course with everything promised for only $197.

And unfortunately, after the deadline for enrollment ends, I will have to take this page down - because I can only handle a certain amount of students at one time, each student requires my full focus. Essentially, this is how I'm able to provide you with great results. 

EARLY BIRD PRICE for limited time

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We also offer you flexible installments that fit your needs.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Since I believe in this course so much and how it can help you develop your Arabic skills, I want to minimize all the risk for you.

Meaning, if you buy the course, go through it all, do the exercises and do not learn a single thing from it, I will refund your purchase 100% within the first 30-days.

So at this point, you literally have nothing to lose. You are protected by this guarantee. That's how much I believe in it.


Some students decided to send me some videos of their experience with the course. Thought I'd share them with you to give you an insight of what to expect once you get inside.

More written testimonials are available on Trust Pilot, click here to read them

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to communicate freely in Arabic with this course?

I’m travelling to another Arabic country. Will learning Lebanese help me understand the locals?

Do I need to have previous knowledge of Arabic to take on this course?

Can I learn from anywhere?

I already know Modern Standard Arabic. Is that good or bad?

I am already above intermediate level in Lebanese Arabic. Is this course too basic for my needs?

So, buying now will grant me access to all the content added in the future. What kind of content are they?

Can I pay for the course in installments?

Can I have a special request about a certain topic that I would like to learn about?

What if I don't like the course?

My personal note

I believe every person can learn the spoken Arabic provided with the right guidance.

Let me be your guide and show you how easy it actually is if you have the desire to learn.

I look forward to your success!