6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Simply Hit Turkey

A 6.4 magnitude earthquake simply hit 3km WSW of Uzunbag, Turkey by the coast close to the Syrian border.

Residents throughout Lebanon, who’ve been experiencing numerous of tremors from the aftershocks of the preliminary earthquake in Turkey, reported a robust and extended feeling of shaking.

Many individuals have taken to the streets, evacuating their residences.

Equally, folks in Turkey and throughout Syria felt it.

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On February sixth, 2023, two devastating earthquakes struck Turkey with magnitudes of seven.8 and seven.5. The earthquakes triggered widespread injury in each Turkey and Syria, leading to tens of 1000’s of fatalities and plenty of accidents. The affect was felt throughout Lebanon, with shockwaves reaching as excessive as 5 magnitude and subsequent tremors. The earthquakes have left a path of destruction and triggered vital hardship for the affected communities.

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