All Fuel Stations In Lebanon Will Be Closed At present Till New Costs Are Issued

In accordance with sources to MTV, all fuel stations in Lebanon will stay closed till the Ministry points new costs.

This comes because the change between the US Greenback and the Lebanese Lira closely fluctuated within the final 24 hours.

The change fee on the parallel/black market reached a file low of $1 = 55,600LL, from 50,000LL lower than per week in the past.

Yesterday, gas costs considerably elevated, in keeping with the change fee ending the day at:

  • 95-octane gasoline: 958,000 LL
  • 98-octane gasoline: 982,000 LL
  • Diesel: 1,007,000 LL
  • LP fuel: 613,000 LL

The Chairman of the Syndicate of Fuel Distributors, Jean Hatem, informed MTV yesterday that they “can’t bear extra losses as a result of excessive worth of the greenback.” He mentioned that fuel is accessible, the issue “lies within the pricing.”

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