15 Images Exhibiting Easter Celebrations Round Lebanon

Christian denominations in Lebanon that comply with the Western calendar celebrated Easter throughout Lebanon with prayers and much held in quite a few church buildings all through the area.

From sacred lots to egg traditions to Maamoul and actions, now we have gathered 15 photographs from throughout Lebanon showcasing the festivities:

1. Bkerki:

Nabil Ismail

2. Dekwa:

St.George’s Melkite Greek Catholic Church. Dekwa West Bekaa Lebanon

3. Joub Jannine:

كنيسة القديس جاورجيوس للروم الكاثوليك- جب جنين

4. Kids and Easter Eggs:

5. Jounieh:

6. Easter Chocolate:

مجلة الصِّين اليَوْم 今日中国

7. Bkassine:

Bkassine 2024

8. Easter Mass:

Collège des Pères Antonins, Établissement Scolaire Homologué aefe

9. Zgharta:

Michel Mouawad

10. Mezyara:

أخوية الحبل بلا دنس – مزيارة

11. Qahmez:

Saydt Amez

12. Maamoul el Eid

Claudette Chalouhi

13. Hadath El Jebbeh:

Pere Farid Saab

14. Broummana

رعية مار أشعيا النبيّ المارونيّة – برمانا Mar Chaaya the Prophet Parish

15. Fouwara:

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