20+ Images Exhibiting How Lebanon Celebrates Palm Sunday

All through Lebanon, Christians adhering to the Western calendar joyfully noticed Palm Sunday.

In church buildings throughout Lebanon, households gathered, and youngsters led processions proudly waving olive branches aloft whereas candles added to the festive ambiance.

As worshipers congregated, church buildings reached their most capability, echoing with prayers and hymns in commemoration of the day when Jesus Christ entered Jerusalem, the week earlier than his loss of life and resurrection.

We’ve compiled a set of 23 photographs capturing the colourful celebrations of Palm Sunday by Christian households round Lebanon:

1. Bkirki

البطريركيّة المارونيّة

2. Beirut

Maronite Archdiocese of Beirut

3. Mar Takla – Hazmieh

Mar Takla – Hazmieh

4. Kfarhbab, Ghazir


5. Qornet Chahouane

عائلة قلب يسوع الضهر قرنة شهوان

6. Jbeil

Cathédrale Sainte Rita-Jbeil

7. Tannourine

رعيّة سيدة الانتقال-تنورين

8. Mar Abda

Mar Abda Blat

9. Gherfine

St Estephan Gherfine

10. Hajjeh

Hajjeh South-Lebanon

11. Borj Hammoud:

رعية مار ضومط – برج حمود

12. Dahr El Souane

رعية مارسركيس وباخوس – ضهر الصوان

13. Jezzine

Nadim M Asmar

14. Qlaiaa

رعيّة مار جرجس – القليعة

15. Saint Anthony Kozhaya

Saint Anthony Kozhaya

16. South Litani


17. Baalbeck

دير سيدة المعونات بعلبك

18. Kfazeina

19. Bqaa Kafra

20. Falougha

21. Antelias

22. Sin El Fil

23. Rmaich

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