Lebanese Physician Saves Kid’s Life in Japan

Lebanese physician Abdulkader Al-Askar, a specialist in orthopedic and spinal surgical procedure, efficiently handled an especially uncommon medical situation.

A 15-year-old baby arrived at Okayama College Hospital in Japan, immediately paralyzed. After medical examinations and vital imaging, it was revealed that the kid suffered from Basilar invagination.

The second cervical vertebra had dislocated in direction of the spinal wire opening on the base of the mind. Typically, this situation results in lifelong paralysis or demise.

Instantly, an emergency surgical procedure lasting over 4 hours was carried out utilizing modern methods in collaboration with a complete medical group.

The cervical vertebra was repositioned and stabilized under the cranium, and the spinal wire opening was absolutely launched utilizing the O-arm navigation system.

The kid was efficiently handled with none notable issues, regaining full mobility in all limbs the day after surgical procedure.

This modern method has been revealed in a scientific analysis paper in main world medical journals below the identify of Dr. Abdulkader Al-Askar and the taking part medical group.

Al-Askar, a Lebanese doctor from Baalbek, is presently in Japan on a medical mission specializing in superior spinal surgical procedures and the therapy of again ache and disc issues utilizing the most recent modern applied sciences within the discipline.

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