Who Ever Mentioned Nabatieh is Not A part of Lebanon?

“Nabatieh is a part of Lebanon”, “South Lebanon is a part of Lebanon”; I’ve been seeing these slogans throughout social media for the previous couple of days however I discover myself asking who ever stated they’re not a part of Lebanon? The place is that this coming from precisely? Ever for the reason that Gaza conflict began, we’ve had an open entrance within the South between Hezbollah and Israel with over 200 casualties up to now and a whole bunch of homes decreased to rubble, but we’re nonetheless unsure if we’re at an open conflict or not and don’t know of what’s taking place there as a result of we’re not allowed to.

The South has been managed politically and militarily for over 20 years now by the identical entities and the Lebanese state is virtually inexistent there. Individuals who oppose the normal events in on daily basis life or throughout elections are threatened, intimidated and even overwhelmed up, political activists or opponents are assassinated and even UNIFIL troops are attacked. Equally, the choice to start out a conflict is taken with out consulting the federal government or another events and even the locals, as if the entire South is an entity by itself and never a part of this nation.

That is the notion Hezb and his allies need to give of the South, and never what most Lebanese see in it. I’m totally assured most individuals within the South haven’t any urge for food for conflict even when they’re not standing in opposition to Hezbollah. These individuals are being compelled to go away their villages and houses due to a conflict they don’t need any half it, and people staying are paying a heavy worth like we noticed at this time in Nabatieh.

This being stated, it is very important distinguish between the rhetoric and low-cost propaganda that Hezb and his allies need to impose and between standing in solidarity with Lebanese civilians being attacked by Israel. Whether or not we assist Hezbollah or not, we must always by no means be desensitized in the direction of the homicide of harmless civilians within the South and we must always assist and stand in solidarity with all civilians in any space.

So let’s lower the “Nabatieh is a part of Lebanon”-like slogans and the guilt journey and give attention to serving to the victims in South Lebanon of Israel’s barbaric assaults, on lobbying in the direction of ending the hostilities all collectively and on conserving Lebanon from being a regional playground between Iran & Israel.

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