Darb Mar Charbel, Lebanon’s First Lengthy-Distance Pilgrimage Route Set To Open in 2026

After finishing their pilgrimage to Spain’s Santiago de Compostela in 2018, a gaggle of Lebanese determined to place in place Lebanon’s first long-distance pilgrimage route, a 130km route crossing 40 villages and protecting vital locations and villages integral to the lifetime of Lebanon’s patron saint, Mar Charbel.

The route can be referred to as Darb Mar Charbel and may be accomplished in 7 days. It should begin from Qozhaya and Beqaa Kafra within the North and can finish in Bkerke. Darb Mar Charbel is a challenge by Darbessama that’s anticipated to be accomplished in 2026.

The path is already on the [website] together with contact data for individuals who wish to assist or donate.

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