12 Issues You Can Discover In A Lebanese House Throughout Christmas

Lebanese Christmas houses are a mix of custom and tradition, that includes Maamoul, handmade nativity scenes, cedar decorations, and extra, making a festive and heat ambiance:

1. Conventional Lebanese Christmas Sweets

The Meals Heritage Basis

Maamoul, full of dates, walnuts, or pistachios, is a must have.

2. Elaborate Nativity Scenes

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Usually handmade, these characterize the guts of Christmas, depicting the delivery of Jesus.

3. Cedar Tree Decorations

Lebanon Postcard

Symbolizing Lebanon, cedar tree parts are built-in into the Christmas decor.

4. Native Handicrafts

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Artisanal crafts, showcasing Lebanese tradition, adorn houses.

5. Household Heirloom Ornaments

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Handed down by way of generations, these maintain sentimental worth.

6. Dabke Music and Dance

365 Days of Lebanon

Energetic and conventional, it’s important for celebrations.

7. Lebanese Wine

Chateau Kefraya l No Garlic No Onions

Famend for its high quality, it’s a staple at Christmas feasts.

8. Colourful Lanterns


Including heat and a festive ambiance.

9. Spices and Fragrant Herbs

Merely Roots

Utilized in vacation cooking, they fill the air with inviting scents.

10. Festive Tablecloths and Linens


Usually handmade, that includes intricate designs.

11. Household Images

arche noVa

Highlighting the significance of household and togetherness.

12. Lebanese Espresso Units


Important for serving visitors in the course of the vacation gatherings.

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