UNESCO Simply Added Lebanese Manoushe On Its Heritage Record

The UNESCO Record of Intangible Cultural Heritage, identified for spotlighting humanity’s various cultural expressions, not too long ago acknowledged Lebanese Manouche as a vital cultural asset.

Described as “the quintessential Lebanese breakfast,” the Manouche symbolizes far more. It’s a flavorful nod to Lebanese mornings, native previous bakeries, and moments of group and connection.

This UNESCO recognition honors not only a dish however a cultural ritual that has been a cornerstone of Lebanese tradition, weaving collectively baking, topping, and sharing right into a symphony that resonates throughout generations.

Accompanying the Manouche on this 12 months’s listing are different regional traditions, together with the dabke from Palestine, conventional glassblowing from Syria, and the Harees dish from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Oman.

These inclusions spotlight the richness of Arab cultural practices and their significance within the international cultural tapestry.

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