12 Conventional Lebanese Crafts and The place to Discover Them

Lebanon’s wealthy cultural heritage is vividly mirrored in its conventional crafts. These artisanal treasures, starting from intricate textiles to ornate woodwork, not solely showcase the nation’s creative legacy but in addition inform the story of its numerous historical past.

Right here, we discover 12 quintessential Lebanese crafts, delving into their distinctive traits and revealing the place these beautiful items could be discovered.

1. Cedar Wooden Carving

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The long-lasting Lebanese cedar, a nationwide image, is masterfully carved into intricate designs. Discover it in: The workshops of Becharre and the Kadisha Valley.

2. Pottery and Ceramics

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Lebanese pottery, with its distinct glazes and patterns, is a testomony to historic craftsmanship. Discover it in: The coastal city of Batroun and the village of Rashaya.

3. Blown Glass

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The artwork of glassblowing in Lebanon, creating the whole lot from delicate collectible figurines to strong tableware. Discover it in: The studios of Sarafand.

4. Textile Weaving

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Conventional looms produce vibrant textiles, together with the well-known Lebanese silk. Discover it in: The mountainous area of Bsharri.

5. Embroidery

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Elaborate embroidery, usually in gold and silver threads, adorns clothes and residential textiles. Discover it in: Artisan markets in Beirut.

6. Silver and Goldsmithing


Expert artisans craft beautiful jewellery and decorative items. Discover it in: The jewelers of Tripoli and Tyre.

7. Leatherwork

Lebanon Leather-based work

From purses to conventional footwear, Lebanese leatherwork is famend for its high quality. Discover it in: The souks of Sidon and Jounieh.

8. Mosaic Artwork


Gorgeous mosaics, harking back to Lebanon’s Roman and Byzantine previous. Discover it in: The historic cities of Baalbek and Byblos.

9. Hand-painted Tiles

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These colourful tiles embellish properties and public areas alike. Discover it in: The workshops of Zouk Mikael.

10. Basket Weaving

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Using pure supplies, these baskets are each practical and ornamental. Discover it in: The villages of Akkar and Chouf.

11. Calligraphy

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Arabic calligraphy, an artwork type in itself, is discovered on numerous mediums. Discover it in: Cultural facilities in Beirut.

12. Marquetry


The intricate artwork of wooden inlay, creating detailed patterns and scenes. Discover it in: The artisan outlets of Aley and Zahle.

The place to search out them

Most of those crafts could be present in specialised markets, native artisan outlets, and cultural heritage facilities all through Lebanon. The colourful souks of Beirut, Tripoli, and Sidon supply a plethora of those crafts, whereas particular cities and areas are recognized for his or her distinctive contributions to Lebanese artisanal heritage. Visiting these locations not solely helps native artisans but in addition offers an genuine glimpse into the guts of Lebanese tradition.

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