12 Distinctive Lebanese Desserts to Fulfill Your Candy Tooth

Discover the candy aspect of Lebanon with these 12 distinctive desserts, every providing a pleasant style expertise.

1. Baklava

Layers of flaky pastry, full of nuts and soaked in honey syrup.

2. Knafeh

A crispy, cheese-filled dessert, usually topped with syrup and pistachios.

3. Maamoul

Date or nut-filled cookies, historically served throughout non secular celebrations.

4. Halawet El Jibn

Candy cheese rolls, usually filled with cream and drizzled with syrup.

5. Osmaliye

A creamy and crispy dessert, liked by everybody.

6. Sfouf

A turmeric-infused semolina cake, identified for its distinctive yellow colour.

7. Layali Lubnan

Translating to ‘Lebanese Nights’, this dessert options layers of semolina pudding and cream.

8. Mughli

A spiced rice pudding, usually ready to rejoice new births.

9. Atayef

Stuffed pancakes, sometimes full of cheese or nuts and folded right into a crescent form.

10. Aish El Saraya

A bread pudding dessert, usually soaked in candy syrup and topped with cream.

11. Mouhalabieh

A aromatic milk pudding, flavored with rose water or orange blossom.

12. Riz Bi Haleeb

This basic Lebanese rice pudding is a creamy, comforting dessert. Made with rice, milk, and sugar, it’s usually flavored with rose water or orange blossom water and garnished with cinnamon and pistachios. Its simplicity belies its pleasant taste and soothing texture.

Every of those desserts represents a aspect of Lebanon’s wealthy culinary tapestry, providing a candy journey by means of the nation’s gastronomic heritage.

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