Nurse At Lodge Dieu Miraculously Survives Stray Bullet

In a surprising flip of occasions, Lea Hanna, a devoted nurse at Lodge Dieu Hospital, miraculously survived a terrifying encounter with a stray bullet.

The incident unfolded whereas she was seated in a buddy’s automobile, passing by Rizk Hospital on her strategy to her office.

This passed off throughout the afternoon, highlighting the vulnerability of extraordinary residents within the face of rampant gun violence.


Lea’s household, deeply shaken by the incident, passionately calls upon the authorities to take speedy and efficient measures to curb the proliferation of firearms.

This heart-wrenching episode serves as a stark reminder of the pressing want to deal with the difficulty of uncontrolled gun violence, which poses a grave risk to the security and well-being of harmless people going about their day by day lives.

The indiscriminate discharge of bullets should stop to make sure the safety of all members of the group.

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