7 Quirky Lebanese Superstitions And Beliefs Handed Down Generations

Lebanon’s cultural tapestry is interwoven with an array of quirky superstitions and beliefs which have transcended generations.

From averting dangerous luck to searching for luck, these seven intriguing traditions supply a glimpse into the fascinating world of Lebanese folklore.

Evil Eye Charms for Safety

The assumption within the evil eye’s malevolent affect has led to the favored use of talismans, usually within the type of a blue eye, to keep off its detrimental results. These charms are displayed in houses, worn as jewellery, and even pinned onto infants’ clothes for defense.

Salt Thrown Over Shoulders

Spilled salt is greater than only a mess in Lebanon. It’s thought-about dangerous luck until you instantly throw a pinch of it over your left shoulder to appease lurking spirits and reverse the misfortune.

Knocking on Wooden to Avert Jinxes

The act of knocking on wooden is taken severely in Lebanon, with believers rapping their knuckles on any out there picket floor to counteract any perceived jinx or dangerous omen.

Sneakers Positioned Upside All the way down to Safe Good Luck

Putting footwear the wrong way up is believed to make sure that good luck stays locked inside them. This apply is usually adopted earlier than essential occasions like exams or interviews.

Providing Bread to Stop Arguments

To stave off disagreements and preserve concord, some Lebanese households have a custom of putting a chunk of bread on the desk earlier than a meal, symbolizing unity and goodwill.

Whistling at Evening Attracts Undesirable Spirits

Whistling at the hours of darkness is usually frowned upon as a result of perception that it might summon supernatural entities. Elders usually discourage this apply to keep away from drawing consideration from otherworldly beings.

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A Ring on the Tip of a Knife to Predict the Gender of the Subsequent Child

Suspenseful parents-to-be place a marriage ring on the sting of a knife. The best way the ring sways is claimed to foretell the gender of their subsequent youngster – backwards and forwards for a lady, and in a circle for a boy.

These intriguing Lebanese superstitions and beliefs showcase the enduring energy of tradition and custom, passing down distinctive practices that proceed to form each day life.

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