May Former Miss Lebanon Runner-Up Be On Monitor To Sainthood?

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The spirited third runner-up of Miss Lebanon 2016, Michele Hajal, endured a outstanding journey that took an surprising flip.

Although she valiantly triumphed over two sorts of most cancers, destiny dealt her a devastating blow when she succumbed to Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma on the tender age of 25 in 2019.

All through her life, Michele was recognized for her unwavering religion. Even throughout her remedies, she clung to prayer and positioned her belief in God.

Fueled by hope, she yearned for a cancer-free future, dreaming of constructing a life alongside her fiancé, Maroun Abi Atmeh.

However Michele’s story didn’t fade away along with her passing. 4 years later, this extraordinary girl started performing miracles throughout completely different communities.

In a outstanding flip of occasions, a younger girl, who was roughly Michele’s age, visited Lebanon from Palestine.

She was drawn to prayer as Michele Hajal was her beloved function mannequin and he or she believed that the previous Miss Lebanon participant drew her nearer to God throughout her darkest instances.

Astonishingly, after her departure, she heard Michele’s ethereal voice, urging her, “open my grave, I’m a Saint, my hair is lengthy.”

Following the divine encounter, she reached out to Paula Hajal, Michele’s sister, to share this revelation. But, even with such compelling proof, the Church hesitated to acknowledge the miracle.

In early 2023, Paula was contacted once more by one other girl, coming from Ain-El-Rammeneh. Regardless of being Muslim, she shared an identical background with Michele.

This brave girl, who had additionally triumphed over most cancers, attested that Michele had been her beacon of inspiration and the supply of her unwavering hope.

One afternoon, the girl from Ain-El-Rammeneh awoke with a startle, listening to the resounding voice of Michele whispering, “Open my grave, I’m a Saint, my hair is lengthy.”

Overwhelmed by these testimonials, Paula appealed to the Church, imploring them to open her sister’s grave.

It turned simple that these comparable experiences, the place the very same phrases have been spoken to people from completely different international locations and non secular backgrounds, have been greater than a easy coincidence.

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After months, the Church lastly gave its consent to endure the method of opening Michele’s tomb. Paula went to her sister’s tomb with relations and clergymen and what they witnessed was past comprehension.

Michele was in a greater state than 4 years in the past once they bid her farewell. Earlier than she handed away, Michele had misplaced all of her hair resulting from intensive chemotherapy but they discovered her with lengthy thick hair surrounding her flawless facial options.

Though she was pale, her pores and skin was reportedly softer and more healthy than it was earlier than her passing. Her physique was unaffected by bugs or bugs and a scent of purity surrounded her useless physique.

Similar to different Lebanese saints akin to Saint Charbel and Saint Youssef Nehmé, her physique isn’t decomposing.

A fee of medical doctors and non secular figures has been tasked with the solemn responsibility of analyzing each aspect of Michele Hajal’s extraordinary case.

For this outstanding girl, her impression has transcended the earthly realm, instructing us that, “prayers do miracles”.

العربية Français

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