UAE Is No Longer Suspending Visas for Lebanese

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has lifted the beforehand imposed restrictions on visas for Lebanese nationals residing overseas.

The suspension, which lasted for a few month, was a supply of confusion for a lot of, as journey businesses reported difficulties fulfilling their shoppers’ requests for UAE customer visas.

The reinstatement of the visa course of was confirmed by Fouad Chehab Dandan, Lebanon’s Ambassador to the UAE.

Dandan famous that the decision took place on account of concerted efforts and diplomatic dialogue between the 2 nations.

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Efficient instantly, Lebanese nationals can apply for a UAE customer visa both by way of embassy workplaces or approved journey businesses.

The easing of restrictions marks a return to common visa procedures and reinstates journey entry to the UAE for the Lebanese diaspora.

This publish can also be accessible in:
العربية Français

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