Lebanon Now Has The Report For The Longest Labneh Sandwich

The southern city of Arabsalim (عرب صاليم) has determined to make the longest labneh sandwich on the earth (I believe ?) measuring over 46 meters. The file breaking sandwich got here as as a part of the city’s “Labneh & Cheese pageant” and was made with native produce.

I scanned by way of the video under and it doesn’t appear like they introduced any officers from the Guinness World Report, however I’m certain nobody else on the earth is keen on making a 46 meter lengthy Labneh sandwich. In actual fact, I used to be questioning how many individuals does one must eat this complete sandwich. If the normal Lebanese bread loaf diameter is round 20 cm, and every particular person ate one portion, we would want round 200-250 individuals which isn’t a lot.

This appears to be like like an simply beatable file 😂

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