The Saida Public Seashore Incident is Not About Faith

As a lot because the Bikini vs Burkini conflict is being portrayed as a spiritual one following the Saida public seaside incident, the actual downside is the absence of the rule of regulation and the incompetence of the municipalities and ministries dealing with such issues.

Everyone knows Saida has sadly taken a extra conservative path within the final 20 years or so, with few excessive non secular teams popping left and proper, however Saida has all the time been an emblem of co-existence between its Christian and Muslim residents and it’s as much as the municipality in place to implement this standing or bow to the backwardness of some teams. Tyre will not be very completely different from Saida demographically talking however we don’t see such points on its seashores. Similar for some Tripoli seashores. Simply to be clear right here, municipalities in additional “open” cities in Lebanon that ban Burkinis on public seashores, although I haven’t heard of such instances but, are not any completely different from the Saida municipality as we’re all ruled by the rule of regulation that grants ALL Lebanese entry to public resorts.

If a girl chooses to swim in her burkini on a public seaside, so long as it’s her alternative and her alternative solely, nobody ought to forbid her from doing so below any pretext.

This being stated, Saida Municipality appears decided to keep up its backwardness standing and has banned bikinis and alcohol on its public seaside. You may’t blame them actually because the metropolis is flourishing economically, touristically and has no different priorities by any means to maintain besides the considerations of backward-thinking males who have to remind girls the way to gown and the place to swim.

It’s all about priorities in spite of everything 😂.

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