Megaphone Co-Founder Jean Kassir Summoned for Interrogation

A protest in solidarity with Jean Kassir and Megaphone is deliberate tomorrow on Monday April third at 11am in entrance of the Justice Palace. Kassir was summoned for interrogation by two members of the State Safety equipment whereas he was driving and was requested to point out up on the Central Investigation Directorate of the Normal Directorate of State Safety. This units a harmful priority because the authorities should notify you at your property or work deal with as per the foundations.

The explanations behind Kassir’s summoning is a publish entitled “Lebanon is dominated by fugitives from justice” that names officers within the Lebanese state who at the moment are needed earlier than the judiciary on varied expenses. It’s value noting that Public Prosecutor Ghassan Oueidat is the one behind the request, which isn’t allowed as per the beneath.

This isn’t the primary assault towards freedom of speech in Lebanon and undoubtedly received’t be the final. We stand in solidarity with Megaphone, Jean Kassir and all free media in Lebanon.

٢- إنّ النائب العام التمييزي القاضي غسّان عويدات هو من أصدر إشارةً للتحقيق مع مالكي موقع ميغافون، غالباً لورود اسمه ضمن المنشور كأحد الذين ادّعى عليهم المحقّق العدلي طارق بيطار في قضيّة المرفأ. وبذلك يكون عويدات قد خالف القانون مرّةً جديدة لأنّه لا يصحّ للنيابات العامّة التحرّك في قضايا القدح والذمّ من دون وجود ادّعاء شخصيّ من المتضرِّر، باستثناء القدح والذمّ الواقعَيْن على رئيس الجمهوريّة حصراً.

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