Lowest Temperature Ever Report in Lebanon

What’s the lowest temperature ever recorded “formally” in Lebanon? The reply is -23 levels Celsius on January twentieth 1964 within the city of Yammoune based on Lebanon Climate Forecast. The web page referenced the Directorate Basic of Civil Aviation Lebanon, Meteo.gov.lb in addition to مرصد كسارة as sources for this piece of data.

I attempted wanting on the above web sites however didn’t discover any associated data. I additionally checked out different web sites that include climate historic information however there was no information recorded again on that date. My guess is that the information from the Sixties had been nonetheless discovered solely in bodily books however LWF did share a warmth map (until it was recreated).

Having mentioned that, It will be fascinating to see historic climate information, if accessible, from Qurnat al-Sawdā or cities like Bkaakafra and Aainata as they’re larger in altitude than Yammoune.

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