Lebanese Bassel Habkouk Was Simply Rescued From Rubble In Turkey

Lebanese Bassel Habkouk who has been lacking for the reason that first earthquake in Turkey has been discovered and rescued from underneath the rubble.

Habkouk was trapped underneath the rubble of the Özcihan Lodge in Antakia (Hatay) for over 48 hours earlier than being discovered alive.

Efforts are nonetheless underway to rescue 2 different Lebanese, Elias Haddad and Muhammad al-Muhammad, trapped underneath the identical lodge after voices have been heard, in response to the Lebanese embassy in Turkey.

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On Monday morning, two devastating earthquakes struck Turkey with magnitudes of seven.8 and seven.5. The earthquakes prompted widespread injury in each Turkey and Syria, leading to hundreds of fatalities and plenty of accidents. The impression was felt throughout Lebanon, with shockwaves reaching as excessive as 5 magnitude and subsequent tremors. The earthquakes have left a path of destruction and prompted vital hardship for the affected communities.

Lebanese Bassel Habkouk Was Simply Re…

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