How The Reputation Of ChatGPT & OpenAI Ranks Throughout Lebanese Areas

ChatGPT, the language mannequin developed by OpenAI, has quickly gained recognition in Lebanon as a go-to instrument for a wide range of duties.

From language translation to analysis, Lebanese customers have been turning to the AI mannequin in growing numbers.

Lebanon lately surpassed Israel for the 4th place for many searches for ChatGPT globally. Inside Lebanon, the breakdown of recognition is sort of attention-grabbing:

  1. Beirut – 100
  2. Mount Lebanon – 71
  3. Beqaa – 56
  4. South Lebanon – 54
  5. Nabatiyeh – 48
  6. North Lebanon – 46

Google Traits ranks them out of 100 by way of search recognition.

ChatGPT searches are at present overlapping with the next matters; On-line Chat, GUID Partition Desk, OpenAI, and Synthetic Intelligence.

Nevertheless, the search recognition for “OpenAI,” the AI firm that constructed ChatGPT differs drastically:

  1. Nabatiyeh – 100
  2. Beirut – 96
  3. Mount Lebanon – 66
  4. North Lebanon – 64
  5. South Lebanon – 41
  6. Beqaa – 39

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