PSP MP Is Calling For An Worldwide Investigation Into The Beirut Blast

Chatting with “Voice of All Lebanon,” PSP MP Hadi Abu al Hassan known as for efficient worldwide help to analyze the explosion on the Beirut port.

He mentioned what is required is a global fact-finding committee and dropping everybody’s immunities – as a substitute of turning the file into an area of regional disputes.

He identified that the political dispute had moved into the judicial physique, including that everybody has forgotten how the port was blown up and who introduced the nitrates.

He emphasised the necessity to unify the judicial physique and urged all officers to offer area to the Supreme Judicial Council to uncover the reality.

Abu Al-Hassan underlined that the reality should be revealed, and the accountability for the explosion ought to be recognized.

He mentioned that “If the judiciary is damaged, the status is damaged, and it’s unacceptable that the reality falls and that it’s not recognized who blew up the Beirut port.”

He known as on the worldwide neighborhood to offer efficient help within the investigation to make sure that justice is served for the victims of the explosion and their households.

As well as, he highlighted the significance of the judicial system in sustaining peace and stability within the nation, and emphasised that the judicial system should be free from political interference.

He urged all political factions and officers to place apart their variations and work collectively to uncover the reality, and to help the Supreme Judicial Council in its efforts to seek out the reality.

Decide Tarek Bitar has come underneath heavy assault for resuming his investigative work into the Beirut Port blast and charging 8 high-profile officers and judges.

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