4 Viral Movies That’ll Show To You That Lebanese Muslims Love Christmas Simply As A lot

Lebanese Muslims and Christians have an extended historical past of coexistence and mutual respect, and that is mirrored in the way in which that many Muslims in Lebanon have a good time Christmas.

Many Muslims in Lebanon take part within the cultural traditions related to Christian holidays.

This consists of adorning houses and companies, making ready conventional meals, or attending group occasions equivalent to Christmas markets and Christmas tree lighting ceremonies.

Many predominantly Muslim cities, cities, and villages in Lebanon will beautify their streets for Christmas.

It isn’t unusual for Muslims in Lebanon to change items and greetings with their Christian family and friends members throughout the vacation season.

This serves as a tangible expression of the shut relationships that exist between the 2 communities.

Total, the celebration of Christmas by Muslims in Lebanon is a testomony to the robust bonds of friendship and solidarity that exist between these two teams.

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