A Lethal Accidents Web site Between Lebanon & Syria Stays Untackled For Extra Than 15 Years

Al Masnaa border level has been a web site of steady lethal accidents, taking the lives of many, Lebanese and Syrians, crossing the border at night time. The reason for the accidents has at all times been the identical: a cement separator in the midst of the border level.

Nevertheless, not one of the two involved governments have executed something about it for over a decade.

The location is about ten kilometers from its Syrian neighbor, and the buffer zone is devoid of any official Lebanese or Syrian presence. It is named the “buffer” zone between the 2 international locations.

This space has additionally been the most effective crossing level for numerous smuggling operations, removed from the sights of official management.

And there was no management both to keep away from individuals dying on that time.

Lebanon Debate

On Monday, September 12, 2016, at 7:30 p.m, members of the Civil Protection transferred to Al-Midan Hospital in Jdeidet Yabous three individuals of Syrian nationality, who had been killed on account of their automotive crashing into that cement separator in the midst of Al Masnaa border level.

In 2018, 4 individuals of Syrian nationality had been injured when their automotive collided with the cement separator.

The Civil Protection transferred three of them to the Bekaa Hospital, and the fourth was transferred by the Lebanese Purple Cross to a different hospital.

Al Sadara information

Final Could, an Egyptian nationwide died on account of a truck colliding with the cement separator on the similar Al Masnaa border level.

Lebanon Ajel

On August twenty seventh, the identical “cement separator” took the lifetime of the Lebanese singer George Al-Rassi and his assistant Zeina Meraabi on the similar Al Masnaa border level.


In 2007, the mayor of Majdal Anjar, Hussein Deeb Yassin, urged the authorities to deal with the problem. He stated that Al Masnaa space “wants the eye of the Ministry of Works to cut back lethal accidents and safe the lighting at night time in order that the realm doesn’t stay desolate.”

Nevertheless, fifteen years later, nothing has been executed in that regard, inflicting to date a number of lethal accidents on the similar cement separator on Al Masnaa border level, with each the Lebanese and Syrian governments persisting in neglecting to repair the lethal trigger.

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