This Artwork Initiative Is Enabling Public Faculty College students In Lebanon To Be Changemakers

The Beirut Museum of Artwork (BeMA) is implementing the primary version of its initiative Artwork Surge in 6 Lebanese Public Colleges. Underneath the theme of “Join Via Artwork: Tomorrow within the Making,” BeMA is working in partnership with the Lebanese Schooling Ministry to offer Public Faculty college students an opportunity to be changemakers by artwork. […]

A Scholar From Senegal Shared His First-Day Faculty Expertise In Lebanon In A Hilarious Video

Senegalese mannequin Mouhamed Niane shared a humorous perspective of an individual of shade’s first faculty day expertise in Lebanon. The 22-years-old described, in a satirical means, how college students in Lebanon act with folks of shade, which many thought of spot-on. He tells his expertise by imitating the way in which Lebanese often communicate in […]