The US Simply Sanctioned Alleged Hezbollah-Linked Cash Exchanger

The U.S. Treasury blacklisted a number of people and entities for allegedly aiding Hezbollah‘s monetary actions. The Workplace of Overseas Belongings Management (OFAC) named Lebanese cash exchanger Hassan Moukalled as a key participant within the community. He’s accused of “enabling Hezbollah to proceed to use and exacerbate Lebanon’s financial disaster” by way of his firm, […]

A Man Held Up A Financial institution In Lebanon Demanding Cash For His Son’s Surgical procedure (Video)

A person allegedly held up a Blom Financial institution in Saida demanding to withdraw his cash. He claimed to wish the cash to pay for his son’s pressing surgical procedure. إشكال كبير أمام بلوم بنك فرع صيدا ومحاولة اقتحام من قبل مودع يحتاج ابنه لعملية جراحية عاجلة — جمعية المودعين اللبنانيين (@Lebdepositors) October 24, […]