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What You’ll learn in this free crash course:

Explaining Why We Use Numerals While Texting and How You Can Use Them Too

Easy Basic Lebanese Arabic Comprehension & Grammar That Will Help Kickstart Your Lebanese Arabic Journey

Tips on Learning the Lebanese Arabic Dialect!

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Ali Matar

Ali Matar is an entrepreneur/teacher from Lebanon. He has started his YouTube journey few years back which now has a whopping 40k+ subscribers and at least 4 million views.

As the journey continued, people started asking Ali for help to learn the Lebanese Arabic language. Since he was already passionate about teaching, it became his life mission to teach people how to speak Arabic like local Arabs and not just read nor learn Fusha (or better known as MSA) which is not a spoken language. And that's where many success stories began to unfold.

Ali now teaches the his home language full-time and he loves helping his students perfect their Lebanese Arabic skills.

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