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It’s insane how much spoken Arabic is different from Modern Standard Arabic (Fusha)!
It’s an extremely beautiful language, but learning to write Arabic is one thing, and learning to SPEAK Arabic is another thing…
It’s like learning 2 different languages!
I bet no other language inflicts so much pain on learners as Arabic!

So Why would you want to learn Arabic?

Are you the child or grandchild of Lebanese immigrants and yearning to reconnect with your roots?

Are you the spouse of a Lebanese and need to connect with them & your children in their mother tongue? 

Are you a language addict who is passionate about learning more languages and you find yourself intrigued by Arabic?

Are you working or planning to work in an Arab country and want to communicate with Arabs? 

Or are you planning to tour the Arab world and desire to make new Arab friends and speak their language?

My GREAT news for you is…

You don’t need to struggle anymore in learning all the grammar, vocabulary, and rules of Arabic. 

You can STOP postponing that Arabic course, class, or session. 

You can be sure there is no more frustration during this process. 


If you are not planning to become a journalist, politician, or Arabic copywriter, YOU DON’T NEED TO LEARN FUSHA AKA MODERN STANDARD ARABIC.

Let’s celebrate 🎉

Through my Lebanese Arabic Accelerator, spoken Arabic is now accessible to everyone who wants to learn this language without the superfluous & useless details. 

People like you got me here, on this journey… 

A few years ago, I started my YouTube channel, showcasing the humorous aspects of our Lebanese culture.
Gradually, my views crossed 4 million, my subscribers grew to more than 40K+, and my channel went viral.
Locals, expats, and foreigners loved what I was doing.

As they could relate to these scenarios, they started reaching out to see if I am available to teach them Lebanese.

2nd & 3rd generations of Lebanese immigrants wanted to connect again with their roots.
Spouses wanted to bridge the gap between them and their Lebanese partners & children.
Language geeks desired to learn the sexy Lebanese dialect.
Foreigners needed an Arabic dialect understood by all Arabs.

Wow! Why wouldn’t I do that?” I told myself.

The beginning was on Udemy. 

And after an astounding success and an increasing flow of students, I realized it was time to take this course to a dedicated platform and start a whole business around it because people simply wanted more.

After 3 years in the business, I can pride myself on teaching more than 1500 students how to seamlessly speak Lebanese like a local. 

Introducing the Lebanese Arabic Accelerator!

The Lebanese Arabic Accelerator helps Lebanese immigrants & foreigners struggle no more in learning & communicating in Arabic, by teaching them Lebanese, using a combination of exercises, books, tests & free materials, so they can speak like a local & connect with all Arabs.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Enroll

As soon as you sign up to join the Lebanese Arabic Accelerator, you will have access to all the material related to the course, and you can learn at your own pace while also benefitting from my mentorship.

Lifetime Access to the Course (Value $500)

Access more than 50 detailed lectures, video content, tests, and documents… in addition to the newest updates to the course with no additional charges, from any device connected. 

Weekly Live Interactive Conversational Sessions ($450 value)

Once you become a member, you are invited to a weekly discussion with Native Lebanese speakers, around a certain topic, where you can practice your tongue.

Free Copy of My Best-Selling Books on Amazon ($50 value)

Lebanese 101: The Easy Way to Learn Lebanese Arabic: The Ultimate Guide to Become a Lebanese

The students’ favorite book of all time. It teaches you the Lebanese/Levantine dialect of spoken Arabic, as well as the internet language, so you can communicate with your Lebanese friends on social media like they do and not like a weirdo.

Lebanese Grammar: The Ultimate Guide to Become a Lebanese in the Past, Present, and Future.

And yes, even spoken Arabic has grammar & rules, you will need to learn to be able to speak with ease & avoid any misunderstandings unless you’re looking for trouble!!

But the promise I’m delivering you throughout this course is also included in this book. No bullshit, no fluff, no frustration… just light, easy and useful.

I am not telling you bullshit, here’s what my students are saying: 

Mario Gonzalez


Highly recommend to take his lessons!

Ali is an outstanding teacher. He explains with clearness every detail of grammar topics and how the linguistic use operates. I highly recommend to take his lessons in every format he offers!

Emile Karam


Fantastic starter course!

Well done Ali ! This was fantastic starter course and it contains a tremendous amount of detail and effort. I think anyone looking to learn Arabic should start here with Ali. Also checkout his YouTube videos they are very entertaining, informative, and all around enjoyable to watch. Keep up the great work.

Jamie Holliday


Very happy with my purchase!

I really like the order the words are taught and how well they are explained and pronounced. I like the use of the white board. The words are pronounced very clearly and slowly so it is easy to learn. And he breaks down each word and points to that part of the word while pronouncing it. I am very happy with my purchase.

Course Modules

And here is a glimpse of the course!


Module 1: The Roadmap to the Basics

The starting line is always with the basics, the Lebanese Arabic. In this module, you learn how to form a sentence with the right subject pronouns, possessive pronouns, time-telling, days/months, colors, human body, etc…


Module 2: The Overnight Arabic Grammar Expert

Grammar can be fun & easy! This module empowers you to master the Arabic grammar… needed in spoken Arabic, so no need to run away!
Learn to differentiate between who is doing the action and in what verb forms it should be, and understand verb conjugations, compound tenses, different tenses & principles.


Module 3: Reading Masterclass

(Dring, Dring)
Time for reading exercises!
Spoken Arabic is also communicated in writing, but way different from the Fusha, so you need to read correctly & quickly and to type faster, or you’ll never end a convo over WhatApp with a friend or a crush!
Best part? You will practice alone and with me!


Module 4: Dialogues Mastery

It’s your turn… talk Arabic!
I’ve made it a bit entertaining for you… In the end, I’m a content creator.
The recorded video lectures are sometimes transcribed & sometimes not, so you can practice on a higher level. I've included some basic stuff like going out, asking for directions, shopping, food, etc… Take a closer look at how Arabs communicate with each other and put yourself in the scene.

And Much More!

After you get your hands on this course

You will become a fluent Lebanese speaker communicating with ease with every Arab you meet.
🤫 You can also joke better and curse better…. Shhhhhh…. Be discreet on this! 

  • * The Lebanese Arabic Accelerator is designed to make you love learning and speaking Arabic, so you don’t have to suffer the grammar & heavy words.
  • * It’s an automated course, so you can log in wherever & whenever you are on any connected device to learn at your pace. 
  • * Yet, it’s an interactive course, because passive learning doesn’t have the same impact on your brain, so you can exercise, apply what you learn & practice with Lebanese speakers. 
  • * Fun & light, contrary to the boring and conventional Arabic classes that make you hate the language. 
  • * You will learn to write Lebanese in the internet language, so you don’t look weird or like an intruder whenever you are communicating with other Lebanese.
  • * As you learn to speak Lebanese, you will become the coolest and sexiest person among your Arab friends.

Now, let’s face things!

You can choose to follow the same conventional path of Arabic education, or simply opt for a new way to get your thing.

Traditional learning vs The Lebanese Arabic Accelerator

Traditional Learning

  • * High fees, whether it’s a private tutor or at the University; up to $6000 
  • * More passive learning, no interaction, peers, mentoring, discussions
  • * One coach, fixed deadlines & hours, 2 parties involved in a personal query
  • * Traditional, boring, and most people drop after a certain period of time
  • * More designed to teach you “Fusha” than the spoken Arabic

The Lebanese Arabic Accelerator

  • * Cost-efficient proportionate to the lifetime access you get
  • * Automated course to learn at your pace
  • * An interactive course to practice with other Lebanese speakers
  • * Get my direct mentorship at your convenience
  • * Fun, playful, practical, and useful 
  • * Speak a new language easily within 30 days
  • * Master the spoken language by Arabs 

You choose!

Do you want to pay more for fewer results, or do you want to pay less for more results?

lifetime access

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Lifetime 24/7 Access 
  • Access to All Modules
  • Immediate Start
  • Weekly Q&A Conversational Sessions
  • Closed Group WhatsApp Support
  • FREE Access to Lebanese Tourism Mastery course
  • FREE Best-Selling Books
  • FREE Arabic Cheat Sheet

You missed out!

What makes us different

Comparing the fees of traditional education to the value I am providing, I can ridiculously charge a solid $1000 for this course. 


You see, before the Lebanese Arabic Accelerator, anyone who wanted to learn Arabic with me was bound to pay this fee, because I have a limited time & focus. 

But when you join the Accelerator, you’ll get all the value for JUST $197. 

I see the urge to learn Spoken Arabic, and Lebanese is the best dialect to master. After all, it’s easy, fun, sexy, and understood by all Arabs. 

My goal is to make it as accessible as possible because Arab teachers & universities don’t teach you this practical side of the language. It’s not Academic!

But at the Lebanese Arabic Accelerator, I’ve made it more thrilling for you.


Here are 3 additional freaking bonuses, you will thank me for 😋

FREE Access to my new course: "Lebanese Tourism and Culture Mastery"

Lebanon is a tourist country after all; with endless suspense, local culture, and its own secrets. How to enjoy it like a local without being duped by a merchant, lost in a taxi, or trapped in the wrong place?

I got you covered! This BONUS course, reveals to you the gems of Lebanon, introduces you to the culture, serves you as a guide for food, places, & directories, and warns you of creepy places & some unwelcome behaviors. 

A practical guide, locals would wish to know about!

On-Demand Q&A Sessions with 24/7 Chat Support

Learning at your own pace doesn’t mean you are left alone. An automated course is not a YouTube video. In addition to a Facebook group, I got you a WhatsApp number and a dedicated team. 

You can send us a message anytime, and we will reply as soon as we can within 24 hours. You can also request a Q&A session with me, how cool is that? 😊

Arabic Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet summarizes the course, to make it seamless for you to pull it at any time and remember a word or refresh your memory. 

As the course is updated, so is the cheat sheet.

Lifetime access to this incredible content for just $197

I mean, am I nuts to give so much value for so little? 

Well, my team thinks I am!

But here is the thing, I want people to enjoy learning & communicating in Arabic because it is really a beautiful language… You should try it when flirting 😋

There is no way for me to stop all the crap happening in private sessions or universities when it comes to teaching you Arabic…

But as I deeply understand how they ruin your expectations when it comes to communicating with business partners, colleagues, or new friends.

I am offering you a practical & entertaining online course with live support so that you can have the learning experience of your life. 

Do you want to keep struggling with or postponing this class, course, or visit to the region, or


lifetime access

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Lifetime 24/7 Access 
  • Access to All Modules
  • Immediate Start
  • Weekly Q&A Conversational Sessions
  • Closed Group WhatsApp Support
  • FREE Access to Lebanese Tourism Mastery course
  • FREE Best-Selling Books
  • FREE Arabic Cheat Sheet

You missed out!

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Still thinking about it?!
This course is ultimately Risk-Free with a money-back guarantee.
I designed this course only for your benefit!
So, if in 30 days you go through all the materials but don’t get the results you want, you will cash back 100% of your investment in this course, no questions asked!

I can’t even stop my students from sending me testimonials! 😄

And you're second-guessing?!


Will I be able to communicate freely in Arabic with this course?

From the first day? No. Along the way? Definitely. Learning a language needs consistency and persistence. That’s why this course exists, to help you practice and achieve your desired result.

Do I need to have previous knowledge of Arabic to take on this course?

No. You can start from zero because you got to start somewhere. This course is beginner friendly for people who haven't spoken a word in Arabic in their life.

I already know Modern Standard Arabic. Is that good or bad?

Not bad at all. In fact, it might help you catch the language faster. Actually, knowing MSA gives you an unfair advantage over someone who never spoken Arabic before.

So, buying now will grant me access to all the content added in the future. What kind of content are they?

How does more lectures, podcasts narrating your favorite TV shows, short novels in Lebanese Arabic, webinars, more books and exercises sound like? The current version of the course is only in its infancy stage, thus the extremely low price. Buying now will grant you access to the more advanced course that will be sold for at least $1,500 in the future.

Can I have a special request about a certain topic that I would like to learn about?

Of course! This course grows with you. Simply email me your request on what you need and the content will be added as soon as it’s ready.

I’m travelling to another Arabic country. Will learning Lebanese help me understand the locals?

Well, there’s no doubt that every dialect is different, but Lebanese is the most understood dialect across the Arab world. So if you know Lebanese Arabic, rest assured, you'll be understood almost everywhere.

Can I learn from anywhere?

Yes. You can watch the lectures or join the live calls from any device while you are above the Atlantic Ocean headed to see the statue of Liberty or on a train to see Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin (Assuming you have internet access of course).

I am already above intermediate level in Lebanese Arabic. Is this course too basic for my needs?

The course of course begins on a basic level, it progresses in difficulty as we move through the modules and keeps on building up to become intermediate then advanced with all the bonuses and future added content. So if you already know the basics, this course will only improve your skills to the next level.

can i pay for the course in installments?

Yes. We have different payment plans for the full course bundle. You can choose any plan you want on the checkout page.

what if i don't like the course?

I believe in this program so much that I’ve taken 100% of the risk from you. You have up to 30 days to try it out - without risking a penny. If you don't like the course, you will get a full refund. Just show me you’ve gone through the program and done all the video worksheets, and you’re covered for a full 30 days. But honestly, it's so rare that someone even asks for a refund, it almost never happens!

Personal Note

I believe every person can learn the spoken Arabic provided with the right guidance.

Let me be your guide and show you how easy it actually is if you have the desire to learn.

I look forward to your success!