The Revolutionary Way For Teaching

The Spoken Arabic Dialects! 

If you ever wanted to speak like Arabic like a local without the need to learn the Modern Standard Arabic, then read on!

What is The Spoken Arabic Platform?

The Spoken Arabic Platform is a new platform that launched in the beginning of 2020. It revolutionized the way people learn Arabic.

For years and years, students have been tricked into thinking that learning the Modern Standard Arabic, also known as Fusha, is the way to speak and communicate with locals all around the Arab world.

This has been far from the truth.

While the Modern Standard Arabic is the official Arabic language of all Arab countries, yet no one communicated in the MSA, but with their own local spoken Arabic dialect.

For instance, in Lebanon, locals communicate in Lebanese.

In Egypt, locals communicate in Egyptian.

And so on...

The Spoken Arabic Platform has been able to tackle this misconception and offered courses for students teaching ONLY the Spoken Arabic dialect, without even needing to learn the Modern Standard Arabic first.

Exclusive Features Of Our Courses

Lifetime access to the full course

You will have access to all of the detailed lectures of valuable cideo content, exercises, tests, etc...

You can watch all those lectures from anywhere in the world! They are also available on PC, tablet, laptop and cellphone.

Also, you will always have access to all future material added to the course!

Weekly Live-Interactive Sessions

The Most important thing that we could tackle in the industry, is to actually teach you how to SPEAK the language!

Having a page full of lectures and exercises is great. But what about actually practicing it?

That's why all of our courses have implemented the "Weekly Live Interactive Conversational Sessions" feature!

Every week, the author or the tutor will send out a specific topic to talk about and will be practicing the spoken Arabic dialect together!

Members-Only Facebook Community

Since building this platform, we had one focus in mind, building an online community!

You will join our private Facebook group where all my Spoken Arabic students are always helping each other grow, learn and practice their skills together. 

Every course has its own features and bonuses.

Make sure to check their respective websites to know more!

The Courses That We Offer

Lebanese Arabic Accelerator

Egyptian Arabic Accelerator

Coming Soon

Jordanian Arabic Accelerator

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our students think of our courses?

I had learned Egyptian Colloquial many years ago in school and have always wanted to improve my spoken Arabic than trying to converse in MSA, yikes. I happened to find myself on Ali's YouTube channel watching many of his videos and learned he also offered a course. After searching different platforms and going through different tutors I decided to the learn the Lebanese dialect via his accelerated course.
Wow- is such a small word, but truly describes how happy I am that I found this course which has so much to offer from the modules, grammar, the weekly sessions and the WhatsApp group.
Ali's teaching method are simple yet effective. Hajar and Jean Pierre's weekly Zoom's sessions are fun and interactive- and they are honestly the best.
It's a course that I would definitely recommend and already have.

Laurie Saa

Lebanese Arabic Accelerator Student

As a busy Mum, I was hesitant to commit to an online course, despite having
wanted to learn Arabic for years. This course really surprised me and surpassed
all my expectations. I was able to do the whole course on my mobile which is so
handy. Also, the usability of this course is really perfect and the content is
regularly updated and enriched. The lessons are very well explained and Hamid
is very friendly and helpful when I needed extra help.

Sophie Zeiler-Mahrous

Egyptian Arabic Accelerator Student

Are The Courses Open to Everyone?

It is and it is not.

Lately, we are getting a tremendous amount of students, so much that we can't handle opening the enrollment for everyone anymore.

Since every student needs our full focus and attention, we have decided to limit the enrollment seats to a specific number of students per month.

If you would like to check if the enrollment is open, then please click on the buttons under the courses.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Here at The Spoken Arabic Platform we believe that our courses will perfectly enhance your spoken Arabic skills more than you ever thought possible. We're so sure of this that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The Money-Back Guarantee varies from course to course, so make sure to check the refund policy to the correspondent course!

These Are the Featured Courses on The Platform

Lebanese Arabic Accelerator

Egyptian Arabic Accelerator

Coming Soon

Jordanian Arabic Accelerator

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