EDL Simply Revealed The Nationwide Electrical energy Plan, Including New Tariffs

Électricité du Liban (EDL) printed the nationwide emergency electrical energy plan, together with new tariffs.

Ready in coordination with Lebanon’s Ministries of Vitality and Finance, the gathering of payments calculated below the brand new tariffs will start as of February 2023.

The breakdown is as adopted:

  • A $0.10 cost will probably be added per kWh consumption, calculated for the primary 100 KW, and a cost of $0.27 per kWh consumption above 100 kWh.
  • A $0.21 is added per ampere subscription capability.
  • All distinctive tariffs are canceled, particularly for industrial, agricultural, touristic, and locations of worship, the place a worth of $0.27 per kWh is permitted for these classes.
  • A cost of $0.27 is utilized for full consumption.
  • A cost of $4.30 is calculated as a qualifying allowance for subscriptions that had been beforehand calculated at 5,000 LL and $8.60 for subscriptions that had been beforehand calculated at 10,000 LL.
  • Moreover, the tariffs are canceled for personal stations, the place they are going to be unified at $0.27 for complete consumption (with out counting $0.10 for the primary 100 kWh consumption).
  • The rehabilitation allowance is calculated at 17.5 cents per 1 kVA (beforehand 200 LL)., and the subscription charge is calculated at $1.05 per 1 kVA (beforehand 1,200 LL).
  • The subscription charge is calculated at $0.70 per 1 KVA (beforehand 800 LL for subscriptions associated to produce stations).
  • A cost of $0.10 is calculated for the worth of kVArh for each kVArh that exceeds 75% of the particular consumption.

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