Top Famous Lebanese Food

Do you love traditional Arabic food? If yes, then heading Beirut can be the right decision to enjoy the real aroma of Lebanese food here. Your stomach starts rumbling after dark. Eating too late at night leads an increase in weight. Therefore, you must need to eat snacks that is small, nutrient-rich snack under two-hundred calories. You must include following food items to your food.

 The majority of the people in Lebanon enjoy eating healthy foods. The night-life in Lebanon especially in Beirut is highly exclusive so that people love to enjoy going to cafes, restaurants, food spots and other areas in the late night. Lebanese are full of life so that they never leave any opportunity to make fun.

Their favorite foods contain all the important ingredients. You will see that their kids have khubz(pita bread or Arabic bread) with cheese spread. Moreover, some of their common food items are here that they keep in use in their food or raw.

  • Vegetables: Asparagus, Green beans, Broccoli, Salads
  • Fats: flax oil, milk, cheese, almonds
  • Carbs: Apples, Bananas, Oranges
  • Carbs: Rice, Bread, Oatmeal, Pasta, Cream of Rice
  • Protein: Eggs, Whey Protein, Chicken Breasts, Lean Steak, Tuna

There are several dishes but some of the world-famous dishes that you must try are given here. You must check these delicious treats, if you are in Beirut or other areas of Lebanon. The entire cuisine of Lebanon is hearty with spice and sugar. Learn more about the innovative food spots in Lebanon.

All the dishes and foods are full of Arabic aroma and flavor. In Lebanon, meat of all types can be the main ingredient of the dish that is admired and appreciated by the majority of the people. Most of the people prefer to cook their food at home with great interest and demands on family members. It is prepared on the functions and the family celebrations for the guests as well.

Some of the wonderful and delicious dishes are here.

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This is a national dish of Lebanon and it is highly tempting. You will love to enjoy eating this dish because the spicy minced meat with sauteed pine nuts will be the treat to your taste buds.

Escape from your busy and hectic routine of life, this weekend. It is wonderful to have a picnic with your friends and family at the restaurant in Lebanon. If you are a foodie, then this trip will really worth it. The scenic beauty of the region offers you a real peace of mind. You will have a good time here since Lebanon is a wonderful place for those, who want to enjoy different types of food and cuisines. Moreover, the city boasts an amazing climate that can make your trip memorable and entertaining for you. From the rustic tine sheds to architectural statements, there are several things to do here.

That is the famous dish that is equally admired in the eastern and western parts of the country equally. It is the popular dish that is popular in the whole country. The dish is based on the meat, preferably the beef. The Beef is very suitable for this dish, the combination of spices makes it highly tender and tasty.

Mince is cooked in many ways, that is to create the different tastes and delight. It is the traditional dish and has a wide variety of fans. It is a common dish, but the variation in cooking makes it popular and it is cooked to serve the guests.

Humus with whole-grain crackers or vegetables

Hummus is dish that is made with chickpeas and tahini. These are packed with protein and lysine. Tahini is a solid source of amino acid methionine. It is a wonderful dip with barbe Q food, crackers, pita bread and vegetables. You can pair it with a variety of foods. Its preparation is highly simple and easy.

  • Boil chickpeas and grind it in a processor.
  • Put tahini in the paste of the chickpeas and blend it well in the blender.
  • Your hummus is ready, you can serve it with the olive oil and some olives on it.

Tahini is a paste that is available in the market but you can make it in home by roasting sesame seeds. Mix olive oil while fine grinding the seeds until it becomes a liquid paste.

Traditional Lebanese rice

Rice is the important part of the meals of daily life. There are many websites that are decorated with the wonderful Asian rice recipes. The majority of the Asian likes rice in their lunch and dinners. It is one of the essential ingredients in their meals because it is a part of their culture.

The great dish that is the splendor of the Lebanese cuisine because of the extraordinary popularity of the dish. The meat of chicken, mutton or beef is cooked with rice and the combination of spices make it more delicious. You will definitely enjoy the delight of the dish. 

It is a tasty dish that is liked by the majority. The meat (chicken, mutton and beef) is cooked with the combination of spices and make the dish very tender and tasty. The majority of the people in the wide area like this food. It is the dish that is enjoying the essential in the wedding celebration and is the important cuisine in all the functions of the families preferably.

It is admired in urban and rural areas of the country as well. The stock of meat is prepared and the rice is cooked in it. It is the splendor of royal cuisine and one of the essential dishes of their dining table.


It is the hot favorite dish in the several areas of Arab. Meat and grains of wheat, lentils and spices are used in the composition of the dish. It is the very important and traditional dish here. The majority of the people like it and use to cook it in their functions.

Vegetable salad with roasted chicken

They use tomato, cucumber, cubes of roasted chicken, lettuce, mint, reddish, carrot, coriander leaves and vegetables as more as you can. It can be a bowl full of nutrients. Enjoy it day and night.


Now, you need a treat for your taste buds. This is a sweat that consists of sugary cheese pastry in an orang syrup of blossom. Butter, sugar, and cheese are the best friends in Kanafeh.

If you are looking for lunch deserts, then do not miss the opportunity to visit any food spot for this dish. It is worth visiting place that is famous for its unforgettable tasty food. You will enjoy sour cream cake, cream-filled cakes and many more. You will love the doughnuts that are offered here. For the coffee and pastry lovers, there are limited bar seats. You will love the place to sit and eat your favorite delights. All these are offered and presented in an elegant and attractive style. If you want to save yourself from hassle, then you must reserve a table here.


It is a type of salad that has something deep fried. With crispy veggies, bread, lettuce and others, you can enjoy your dish. This food is available any all the spots of food in Lebanon. It is the right place that suits to Arabic food culture and cuisine if you are lover of all variants of cream cheese, smoky pastrami, lox and bagels. The majority of the food lovers like to come here again and again to enjoy the food. It is really amazing and the hotel is popular for its hygienic as well as tasty meals.


It is a bread topped with olive oil, sumac, sesame seeds, and thyme. You can call it Lebanese Pizza and they eat it in breakfast.


Bunch of other salad vegies, tomatoes, mint and parsley in this salad. It is a type of Arabic salad that is served with lemon syrup.

These are very light food that keeps you fresh and healthy. It can be a good desert. It provides a true vitality to the body. By boosting up your metabolism, it enhances your energy level. These are available online. You can avail these products online very easily.


It is a famous desert made with semolina. is highly unique in taste and by the time it is famous in the whole country. Nammoura is a traditional sweet that belongs to Lebanon. The majority of the people likes to serve it with tea. In Arab, it is a typical sweet that is eaten with milk in winter. It is true winter delight that is full of vitality. It provides strength to the body in the company of the nuts. It is prepared with solid and pure ingredients. It is provided for getting energy and to increase the vitality of the body. It is admired by the majority nationwide due to the different and traditional taste. No artificial ingredients and gluten is included in the sweet.

It is very easy to store with room-temperature of cool liquids, milk, juice and unique formulas. It gives good potency guaranteed through expiration, purity and quality. It is intended with unflavored formula. It promotes immune health and digestive system. It is integrated with pure and quality products. It contains quality and pure nuts.


This is a rice pudding that is a dairy free, gluten and vegan dish that is distributed to celebrate the birth of baby. The majority of the people like to eat these traditional sweets for recalling the old days of their forefathers. It is the pure traditional sweet of Lebanon that is prepared with sugar and nuts. It is obviously a true winter delight. The majority of the people used to eat it for getting energy in old days. They did hard work including ploughing and harvesting fields without machines. For this purpose, they need energy. It is the best way to increase the vitality of the body.

Bottom Line

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