How to Learn Lebanese Arabic by Watching TV


Since we are all quarantined in our homes because of Covid-19, and as I have mentioned before, this is the BEST time for you to enhance your Lebanese Arabic skills.

And what better way to do it, than watching Lebanese movies and series!

I’m gonna recommend to you some movies that will greatly enhance your understanding of the Lebanese Arabic dialect.

Make sure to read it till the end, there is a surprise.

If you still don’t know what the difference of Spoken Arabic dialect variations, then feel free to check out this blog post!

P.S. This is NOT a promotion for the movies, I just personally find them good and fun to watch.

  1. First and the foremost, the classic Lebanese movie: West Beirut (1998)

The plot:

During the civil war in 1975, Beirut is divided into eastern and western partitions which coincide with the Muslim-Christian divide of the city.

Tarek is an unruly high school student who lives in West Beirut, which houses the Muslim population. He and his friend Omar enjoy making movies with a Super 8 camera. They befriend May, an orphaned Christian girl living in Tarek’s building, and they frantically search for her when she goes missing.

I actually found the movie on YouTube with subtitles so you can just type the title in the YouTube search box!

The plot:

In today’s Beirut, a civilian dispute blown out of proportion finds Tony (Adel Karam), a Lebanese Christian, and Yasser (Kamel El Basha), a Palestinian refugee, facing off in court. As the media circus surrounding the case threatens a social explosion in divided Lebanon, Tony and Yasser reconsider their values and beliefs as revelations of trauma complicate their understanding of one another.

Fun fact: West Beirut and The Insult were directed by the same person.

I also found the movie on YouTube, however sadly without subtitles. You might find it over there or somewhere else with subtitles!

Another series that will enhance your Lebanese Arabic skills is: Al hayba

Al Hayba was a trending series on Netflix a couple of years ago.

The plot:

In a village by the Lebanon-Syria border, the head of an arms-smuggling clan contends with family conflicts, power struggles and complicated love.

This series is found on Netflix

The plot:

Beautiful executive assistant Zeina reluctantly teams up with the self-assured Tarek to chase down an elusive dollar bill worth $1 million.

This series is also found on Netflix

So, those are a few movies and series that will help you master the Levantine Arabic.

And as promised… I have something that is extremely valuable for you.

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Talk to you later!

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